Cloud Migration Success Story

Reduces VDI costs with Amazon Workspaces

Delivering reliable and scalable solutions by migrating Marmak’s legacy data center onto the AWS Cloud

Marmak is privately owned and has been offering software solutions to municipalities and public offices. In 1999, Marmak established the Municipal Partnership Program to assist municipalities implement asset management solutions to Canadian municipalities. Today, Marmak delivers services, products, and proven enterprise solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner to over 200 municipalities. Marmak continues to garner superb reputation for delivering effective web-based municipal solutions for land management, road patrol management, work order management, cemetery management and capital expansion projects.

“Our solutions and technological infrastructure play a crucial role in assisting municipalities in addressing their asset management difficulties. By transitioning our infrastructure and essential database from outdated outsourced contracts that relied on physical hosting to contemporary digital platforms hosted in the Cloud, we can swiftly adapt to evolving requirements and implement changes more frequently. The timely migration of our entire service to the public Cloud was of utmost importance. Thanks to Pulse Tech Corp’s migration and consulting services, along with their expertise in Cloud technology and collaborative efforts with our team, we achieved a seamless transition.”

John Tarantino
Vice President, Marmak Information Technologies

Challenges and Need to Modernise Marmak’s Legacy Infrastructure

 Marmak’s system relied on a physical server infrastructure that had limited scalability. This costly setup hindered Marmak’s agility, preventing them from creating new services, implementing changes, and adhering to the government’s compliance guidelines for Cloud-native solutions and data residency.

Consequently, it became crucial to migrate the physical data center to an AWS platform. However, this migration presented significant challenges and demanded the expertise of a technology specialist with the right credentials and experience to complete the project within a tight timeline.

The earlier project scope was lift and Shift migration that later got extended to upgrading operating system and SQL versions.

AWS Well Architected Solution

Pulse Tech Corp was responsible for:

  • Perform Migration Assessment to discover dependencies, utilization, and current state of workloads, Utilize AWS migration tool for lift and shift to leverage cloud capabilities for security, scalability, reliability, and resilience
  • Upgrade OS Microsoft server and SQL Web and test the environment and primary database application
  • Configure managed backup services
  • Strengthen security landscape and deploy appropriate cybersecurity measures

Outcomes and Project Value

After the successful migration, the system went live in May 2023, surpassing the project deadline and allowing Marmak to terminate the expensive datacenter contract. Since the migration, Marmak has experienced a reliable and stable service, leading to increased user satisfaction rates. Moreover, Marmak has embraced agile methodologies, enabling them to adapt swiftly to evolving requirements and effectively support municipalities.

As Marmak interacts with multiple government departments and municipalities, the adoption of AWS and agile practices has resulted in significant time savings. The ability to accommodate changing priorities and requirements efficiently has streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.

Due to the impressive delivery of the migration project, Pulse Tech Corp has been retained by Marmak. Their role involves providing continuous improvement and monthly managed services, with a roadmap to simplify and optimize the system’s architecture. This partnership ensures ongoing support and optimization of Marmak’s technology infrastructure.

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