WWN Solution Enables Remote Work

Reduces VDI costs with Amazon Workspaces

Adapting to the ever-changing market is crucial for business longevity, and technology has become increasingly indispensable for companies striving to remain competitive. This need for technological adaptation has been exemplified during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a profound impact on the business landscape. In order to survive, many companies have had to embrace virtual operations. WWN Solutions, an IT Services company, successfully enabled remote work for its employees by leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS).

A key component of WWN Solution’s successful transition to remote work was the adoption of Amazon WorkSpaces. This secure and managed desktop-as-a-service solution swiftly scaled up to provide employees with remote access to their workstations. By implementing Amazon Workspaces, the company not only enabled seamless remote work but also seamlessly upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Furthermore, WWN Solution harnessed the potential of systemwide robotic process automation (RPA) technology, empowering them to streamline and expedite their business processes.

“At WWN Solutions, our decision to adopt Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) using Amazon WorkSpaces is driven by our commitment to simplifying business processes and enhancing operations for our distributed teams and employees. By leveraging Amazon WorkSpaces, we aim to create a seamless and user-friendly virtual work environment that allows our teams to collaborate effectively regardless of their physical locations. This strategic adoption aligns with our goal of leveraging technology to streamline workflows, increase productivity, and support our distributed workforce.”

Pramesh Jana

Director, IT Operations

Adopting VDI Solutions with AWS

WWN Solutions demonstrated a strong level of trust in AWS, leading them to adopt Amazon WorkSpaces. The company’s previous virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) was based on an on-premises setup, which required substantial upfront investment and extensive planning to anticipate future requirements accurately. However, by implementing Amazon WorkSpaces, WWN Solutions eliminated the need for precise predictions and reduced costs. This flexibility allowed the company, as a small startup, to start with a modest setup and easily scale up as demand grew, significantly reducing lead time.

In addition to cost and scalability advantages, Amazon WorkSpaces addressed security concerns by minimizing the risk surface area. As the VDI no longer stored user data, potential security risks were mitigated. Furthermore, the adoption of Amazon WorkSpaces alleviated the workload of the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) team. By utilizing a Desktop as a service, WWN Solutions was able to offload unnecessary operational tasks, enabling the start-up team to focus on more critical responsibilities of  business launch.

Using Amazon WorkSpaces to Work Remotely

WWN Solutions, being a small startup, recognized the value of cost control and scalability when adopting Amazon WorkSpaces. With limited infrastructure expenses, the company aimed to start small and expand later as needed. Additionally, WWN Solutions faced the challenge of enabling effective collaboration among their remotely distributed teams without the need for a complex infrastructure for Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Amazon WorkSpaces provided an ideal solution by allowing users to seamlessly access their desktop environment from their homes and work efficiently.

Pulse Tech Corp played a crucial role in supporting WWN Solutions throughout the configuration and stable operation of Amazon WorkSpaces. The team assisted in adding more Amazon WorkSpaces as required, addressed any network issues that arose, and provided valuable guidance on deploying and monitoring the environment. Their expertise and assistance ensured a smooth and reliable experience with Amazon WorkSpaces, enabling WWN Solutions to focus on their core business activities while relying on a trusted partner for technical support.

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WWN Solutions is a service-based startup that provides managed services for small and medium business in India. WWN focuses on ever expanding market in India that delivers BPO, KPO and other outsourcing services globally.

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