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Building and hosting applications using AWS Lightsail?

AWS or Amazon Lightsail is a new kind of VPS (Virtual Private Service). It was made on the concept of easing up some businesses. Consider an instance where you might know that every business runs behind an idea and that idea grows exponentially if it is driven smoothly. What is VPS? Virtual Private Server or VPS is a

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Points To Consider While Choosing Your AWS Consulting Partner

Looking for an AWS consulting partner to help you in your cloud transformation journey? Here’re the points that you need to consider while choosing your AWS consulting partner. Migration to the cloud infrastructure can help enterprises save a considerable amount of costs and transform business operations comprehensively. Among the many notable public cloud platforms, the

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Managed IT Services In Ontario 2020: Explained

What is Managed IT Services? Managed IT Services In Ontario is now in high demand cause it is a proactive approach to maintain the IT environment of an organization. It is done on a flat monthly fee-based format for a given IT environment and setup. Why Managed IT Services? Managing the back-end IT should not

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Managed IT Services In Canada – Why useful After 2020?

The Future of Managed IT Services In Canada   In the past few years, Managed IT services in Canada have seen tremendous popularity, particularly amongst the small and medium businesses. MSPs (managed service providers) are now considered as the preferred IT partners for SBMs to look after their IT infrastructure and services at an affordable

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Major benefits of IT Managed Services

To stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to have solutions up and running as effectively as possible because any downtime can drop a company’s productivity. The good news – there’s an easy way to get control over your IT operations without building a large in-house team of experts. This way is called IT managed

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5 AWS Cost Optimization Tips for Your Business

Public cloud infrastructures continue to rise in popularity. According to Gartner, Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts for nearly half of the global infrastructure-as-a-service market. For many organizations, moving to the public cloud can seem intimidating, but it offers benefits of high reliability and scalability. AWS is popular because of the number of data centers it has

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8 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Be Using Amazon Web Services

The dramatic growth in SMB public-cloud spending over the next few years will be fueled by the market-dominating leadership of Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS provides a flexible public cloud infrastructure via hosting services that include: Computing Networking Storage Database resources ServersRemote computing Email Mobile development Analytics Security This enables small businesses to run applications, ecommerce, and, ultimately, all or

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To The Cloud and Back On-Prem With AWS Outposts

Ask most people what they consider to be the core value of the AWS cloud, and they’ll probably include things like AWS’ scalability and flexibility. While this refers to their public cloud offerings, the same can be said about AWS Outposts—and maybe even more so. AWS Outposts, announced at last year’s AWS reinvent, is a

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6 AWS Security Best Practices

To succeed in today’s professional landscape, companies must be nimble and ready. They must be responsive in the face of constantly evolving technology and changing consumer preferences. To achieve this, many organizations turn to Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS enables companies to rapidly deploy and scale technology to meet their growing (or shrinking) demand without

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How to see who is lurking on your WiFi?

Is your internet acting funny? Have your connections slowed down? Or are you just worried that someone may have access to your WiFi network? These are all good reasons to do a quick check of your WiFi connections and, if necessary, beef up security to keep unknown entities from hogging your bandwidth.While unintentionally sharing your

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