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In the dental and health clinic industry, your focus is on providing exceptional care to patients. Efficient, reliable IT systems play a critical role in achieving this goal by:

  • Enhancing patient information management
  • Streamlining administrative processes
  • Ensuring compliance with health regulations

Services Offered

      1. Managed IT Services
        • Comprehensive Support: Reliable IT support with a budget-friendly subscription rate.
        • Round-the-Clock Access: Trained IT support engineers available 24/7.
        • Proactive Monitoring: Continuous monitoring and monthly reports to ensure system stability.
      2. Security Solutions
        • Managed Firewall: Configuration, updates, and management of firewall rules.
        • Patch Management: Regular updates to keep systems secure.
        • CCTV Solutions: Comprehensive surveillance solutions for clinic security.
      3. Dental Software Support
        • Collaboration with Third-Party Vendors: Support for dental software, TV screens, and information displays.
        • Patient Queue Systems: Implementation of waiting/queue token display systems.
        • Patient Information Management: Systems for managing patient data efficiently.
      4. Compliance Implementation
        • PHIPA Compliance: Assessment and implementation to meet regulatory requirements.
        • Cloud Services: Shared phone systems and EFAX services.
        • VoIP/Telecom Solutions: Smart voicemail and communication systems tailored for clinics.
      5. Technology Enablement
        • AV Solutions: Audio/video entertainment for patient areas.
        • Training to Staff: Ensuring staff are proficient with the latest IT systems and tools.

Benefits of Partnering with Pulse Tech Corp

  1. Increased Efficiency: Streamlined administrative and clinical processes.
  2. Enhanced Patient Experience: Improved management systems and entertainment options.
  3. Data Security: Robust measures to protect patient information and ensure compliance.

Why Choose Pulse Tech Corp?

  1. Pulse Tech Corp combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of the dental and health clinic industry, offering:

    • Reliable IT Support: Comprehensive, budget-friendly plans tailored to your needs.
    • Expertise in Compliance: Ensuring your clinic meets all regulatory requirements.
    • Proactive IT Management: Continuous monitoring and updates to keep your systems running smoothly.

Specialized IT Services for Dental Businesses

Pulse Tech Corp offers specialized IT services for dental professionals, ensuring your clinic operates efficiently and securely. With extensive experience and a proactive approach, we help you focus on patient care while we handle your IT needs.


Our company has been using Pulse Tech Corp for at least 10 years for our IT support. Sunil and his team is excellent and very professional. Best of all, they respond right away which is very important!
Nora Segal
We have used Pulse Tech Corp for about a year and are very happy with the service. Mike Husain is very knowledgeable and always gets the job done to our satisfaction. Recommended.

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