Every cloud has a silver lining – So goes the adage. In the Information Technology context, we can relate to this saying and easily say “Every Cloud solution has a silver (profitable) lining on your business”.
To understand this a little more we should understand its history and how this technology grew over the last decade and is still growing.

What is Cloud as a concept?

Since the use of computers, the biggest bane for the users is to keep in touch with the break-neck speed technological advancements. Almost everyday a new technology which is better than yesterday’s keeps arriving in the market and proclaims to be the best in the market. The next problematic issue for businesses was the scalability of computing speed, data storage and its maintenance. Each of these issues were costly and needed time for deployment and migration.

There was a real need for an eco-system which could safely allow businesses to be relieved on their year-on-year decision making problem on IT infrastructure and rather concentrate on their core competence.

Though as a concept Cloud has always been promising, many feel that its prominence came to effect with Internet becoming popular and almost inevitable in its usage and also mainly the advancements in increase of the speed of the Internet. We are able to connect to devices and transfer huge amount of data much faster than we could before.

With all these issues, if we could define Cloud as a concept, it would be, Cloud is a technology which once adapted helps you scale your computer infrastructure as and when required. This could either be your computing speed (your server processing speed), to the software that you choose to run on your Network, to the storage space you need (Which could be indefinite number) to store your important data.

 With answers to the above three major issues and with the speed of Internet supporting the technology, more and more people / businesses are today migrating on to cloud technology. Day to day advancements and change in approach is happening in Cloud computing, Cloud backup, Cloud security, SaaS and Cloud migration.

Let us see what is in offer in these areas.

Cloud computing

Gone ore the days where server processing speed could limit you in your scalability plan. You could choose from a variety of type of servers available in the market to help with your server computing. The best part of this is that you could quickly decide on a type of server you want and realize the next day that the type of server you have chosen is either not sufficient or an over-kill and decide accordingly to correct the earlier judgement. This freedom of choice is huge advantage for companies to either scale higher or to downsize based on their market condition.

 Cloud Storage/backup

The second issue which could be easily handled today is the amount of storage space you need to store your data on the Cloud. This again could be chosen & changed according to the storage slabs offered by the service provider and can be either increased or decreased depending on your needs at any point of time.

Cloud backup could also be seen as an isolated solution for a business which wants to backup its sensitive data off-site along with its conventional Server which is present on-site.

Cloud Security

With Internet being the medium of connection, you have a stable choice of method of connectivity either through a VPN which could securely make a special pathway specifically for you or have a firewall which could authenticate your entry into the cloud server and only then allow you to preform your task or have both as a security policy of your computer.


With the Cloud technology becoming easily available in the market, another effective model SaaS (Software as a Service) become popular. Cloud technology helped all hardware related companies to improve and grow in their business. Popular and renowned software companies didn’t fall behind. Today you can get almost any of the software you wish to use on cloud as a SaaS model wherein you use the software as and when required and pay the software usage fees only when you use.

The most popularly known SaaS has been Office365 from Microsoft which gives you all its Office suite of products on a SaaS module. There are quite a lot of ERP, CRM, and accounting solutions available as a SaaS model for you to choose from.

Cloud migration

Migrating to cloud technology has never been so easy. It is easy because as mentioned earlier, the advantage and the power of trial-and-error method which allows us to choose a combination of service(s) mentioned above and then tweak or refine it to make it work based on our needs.

We at Pulse Tech Corp

Being in the area of Managed Services since the last 22 years and providing a host of solutions hardware as well as software and day-today maintenance of larger networks to the different industries in the GTA we have understood the benefits of Cloud technology very well.

We do two important things to help our existing customers as well as new customers coming onboard as our customers.

Gap Analysis

We do a no-obligation gap analysis study to understand your present situation and based on your growth plan can suggest you the needed hardware and software upgrade. We can also suggest you the correct solution providers based on your budgets and needs.

Our own Data Server

We are convinced so much about this technology that we have invested ourselves in Data servers and can offer this as a service to our small and medium sized businesses. This is along with the other choices that we offer which are popularly known in the market.


Cloud technology is an evolved suite of solutions and has found answers to some of the basic hinderances one used to face with respect to moving to better infrastructure for businesses. You have a choice to make from world leaders to local providers from whom you can choose based on their comfortness.

Cloud technology is here to stay and can bring in a lot of profitability and effectiveness to any organization. You can always contact us for any of your Cloud technology needs.

Don’t find reasons for not moving on to cloud technology because you will not have any reasons. Let your decision on moving to the Cloud be the Silver (profitable) lining of your business.