At Pulse Tech Corp, we believe in keeping you up to date with the latest news affecting the Microsoft ecosystem. Today we are sharing some important information about the New Commerce Experience (NCE) platform released by Microsoft.

Microsoft recently announced that all current O365 plans will becomes legacy products, and they will be subjected to Migration to their NCE portal. NCE has its own merits, simplified invoicing, flexibility and term cycles with strict cancellation policies. NCE also introduces 20% price hike on monthly term plans. All other capabilities, features, and policies as part of the October 2021 technical release remain unchanged. 

What This Means For You

With this new platform, Microsoft will be adding some new rules for how users can add and remove licenses to a subscription. This updated process goes into effect on March 30, 2022, and the details you need to know are outlined below:

  1. There will now be three subscriptions lengths: Monthly, Annual, and Tri-Annual (same pricing as annual but locked in for three years).
  2. Users who opt for the convenience of a monthly subscription will incur a 20%upcharge from the annual subscription price. This applies to all Microsoft CSP licensing, including BC and Microsoft 365.
  3. Users will still be able to add licenses during the term of a subscription but willno longer be able to reduce the number of licenses during the term of a subscription.
  4. Full payment for the cost of the licenses for the term of the subscription will be required in advance and is non-refundable.

Enforced Cancellation Policy

NCE will offer a 72-hour cancellation window for subscriptions added. If those subscriptions are not cancelled within 72 hours of being provisioned, they must be paid for the remainder of the subscription term (monthly or annually).

 Seat Reduction Policy Change

The ability to reduce seats is aligned to the 72-hour cancellation policy. For a customer to reduce seats, that request must occur in that first 72 hours. This policy applies to the initial subscription count as well as additional seats added to that subscription.

If you have any questions about the New Commerce Experience, please reach out to us.

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