Habib Canadian Bank

Habib Canadian Bank

Habib Bank started its presence in Canada since 2001 and due to small footprints did not have any permanent IT staff. Staff was mainly supported by Head-Office remotely and the local IT support was not satisfactory from previous IT providers.

Pulse Tech Corp was chosen on the merit in 2004. We provided multiple upgrades to cluster of servers with hardware and operating systems. Designed entire Canadian network foundation with secure segmentations accommodating multiple Internets. Active directory and Server Operating System upgrade, Secure Data structure and access rights were implemented. We designed a secure and flawless access to multiple locations on parallel networks and LOB (Line of Business) software implementation. Other major contributions by us at Habib Canadian Bank are: Successful move of the server room twice. We have installed and configured multiple firewalls and setup site-to-site VPNs to work the entire network homogeneously.

A very extensive backup system with entire network fail-over system is designed and implemented and tested. A secure design of camera system overcoming the break-in’s recording security has been implemented. A Timely replacement of Nortel Norstar phone system has been replaced with Voice over IP system by our team.

We provide consultancy and support and co-managed support to internal IT staff and full support on Server, Network, switches, firewall, cameras, VoIP etc.

We are an integral part of IT support at Habib Canadian Bank.

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