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IT Services for Manufacturing

AeroTek is the go-to aerospace metal coatings company, providing the fastest turnaround times while maintaining top-quality products and services.

They were having the following consistent challenges in their IT. They reached out to Pulse Tech in 2018.

Computer disconnections, Slow response time for support, Old & obsolete IT assets were not addressed on timely bases by their old IT provider.

Pulse Tech analyzed their complete network & IT assets. After diagnostics we found that Cabling had some old switches malfunctioning. Active directory had multiple issues and folder rights were not set correctly.

IT Services for Manufacturing

We worked with Aerotek and serviced all the issues as follows: 

Replaced few cable drops, upgraded new server hardware, created new Virtual servers, repaired the Active Directory, upgraded the Operating system, and organized the Data and setup proper rights. We upgraded the switches and created VLANS to separate the Cameras and VoIP. We also upgraded the firewall and set the security in the network. 

A 3-Layer backup strategy was planned & implemented. Inside the server, local in-network backup, setup virtual standby servers for business continuity and setup off-site secure encrypted backup.  

We have installed XDR/EDR end-point solutions and setup Server, computer, and Network hardening.  

Aerotek is very happy and satisfied with the entire work performed. All issues were resolved systematically, and they are very happy with the server upgrade and infrastructure corrections. 

Aerotek are on Managed Services with Pulse tech. They receive quick response/support and problems are resolved on timely bases. Proactive monitoring & support has helped them in stabilizing their network to minimize call volumes. IT Services for Manufacturing

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