Rudolph’s Bakeries

Rudolph’s bakeries are baking high quality artisan bread since 1951. Rudolph’s bakers slowly bring out the distinct flavour of the grains and then bake each loaf, un-rushed, in traditional ovens. These are sold in all stores across Ontario.

They were referred to us as the previous IT firm was unable to handle the issues and they were suffering constantly.

We listened to them and identified these areas of complains and came with a complete plan. Server was insufficient and was freezing frequently. As they run multiple ERP software for their business and were running into issues as the SQL was misconfigured. Existing network was configured as workgroup and security breaches were common.

We worked with Rudolph’s bakery. New Server was installed with multiple VM’s accommodating multiple servers for economy of scale while saving money. Firewall was installed, Active directory was setup with Group policy providing internal and external security. It was designed to enable multiple ERPs to use single SQL, saving cost and running efficiently. Operating system and SQL were upgraded to latest version in coordination with ERP software. Multiple backups were set up for business continuity and disaster recovery.

A New VoIP has been setup when old their old Nortel phone-system failed. Fiber and cabling is completed separating LAN segments 35+ Cameras have been setup panning multiple buildings. The entire network is configured and setup for smooth & secure operations.

Rudolph’s bakery is extremely happy with the entire work, support, and security.

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