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Password Tips : How to choose a strong password?

Now that we know how passwords are hacked, we can create strong passwords that outsmart each attack (though the way to outsmart a phishing scam is simply not to fall for it). Your password is on its way to being uncrackable if it follows these three basic rules. Don’t be silly Stay away from the obvious. Never

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Password Tips: The anatomy of a password Attack

Your passwords grant access into your own personal kingdom, so you are probably thinking 'what are the best practices to create a strong password' to protect your accounts against these cybercriminals. If your passwords were part of a breach, you will want to change them immediately. So, what's the solution? Uncrackable passwords. But before jumping to

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What is Workplace Modernization?

“Do we need to be together, in an office, to do our work?” We got our answer during the pandemic lockdowns. We learned that many of us don’t need to be co-located with colleagues on-site to do our jobs. Individuals and teams can perform well while being entirely distributed—and they have. In today’s digital world, organizations that

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4 Major indicators that your Network needs an Upgrade

Today’s technology innovations are enabling businesses to work faster and smarter than ever before. Cloud and mobility are helping companies create flexibility, scalability and productivity never seen before. Their opportunity is there to enable your business, but an ageing network can be like an anchor dragging your organization down. On the other hand, updating your

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Key Components of Endpoint Security

Most organizations hopefully have a baseline of IT security measures in place already. So when looking at the topic of endpoint security, they have to decide whether to abandon their current toolset and invest in a brand new suite or else look to add on individual components to fully meet their needs. Obviously, cost is a major

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What is Endpoint Security? A Complete Guide

Endpoint security is the discipline of locking down any element of an organization that is capable of obtaining internal access to resources such as databases or servers. It is a broad topic that forces cybersecurity professionals to look at every possible access route that a hacker might take in launching an attack. When hackers look

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