The dramatic growth in SMB public-cloud spending over the next few years will be fueled by the market-dominating leadership of Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS provides a flexible public cloud infrastructure via hosting services that include:

  • Computing
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Database resources
  • ServersRemote computing
  • Email
  • Mobile development
  • Analytics
  • Security

This enables small businesses to run applications, ecommerce, and, ultimately, all or a portion of their infrastructure in the cloud, which relieves them of the untenable costs of maintaining, monitoring, and hosting it on their own. However, you must have a clear understanding of your storage and infrastructure needs as well as budget constraints as decisions about cloud services will have a big impact on your business’ stability and growth. To help you make a grounded analysis, here are eight reasons why Amazon web services for small business is a resource you should be using  in 2022.


1: Eliminating Infrastructure Costs

Because AWS only charges for the resources that are used, small businesses can eliminate hardware and administrative infrastructure costs. Additionally, the management and systems administration headaches, as well as their costs, are eliminated, so owners and the workforce can concentrate on running the business.

2: The Ability to Run Your Business from the Cloud

With services like desktop virtualization and document sharing, businesses can literally run their business from the cloud with AWS. Access to the virtual desktop or PC via any digital device means anywhere/anytime access to applications, documents, and resources quickly and easily.

3: Ecommerce Simplicity and Flexibility

For those with a strong ecommerce component, Amazon Web Services for small business has a wealth of cost-effective solutions for online sales and retail. In addition to site hosting, this includes order-processing integration for smooth, efficient, and effective financial transactions with nominal or no human interaction or support.

Orders can be automatically imported via the consumer’s chosen system connecting to the Amazon Merchant account technology. This provides your business with the ability to update orders and integrate that information into inventory tracking. In addition, its  software development kits (SDKs) for platforms like Java, PHP, and Ruby give small businesses great ecommerce flexibility and agility to meet customer needs.

4: Efficient and Easy Application Hosting

Having your applications hosted via the AWS platform means easy deployment, management, scaling, monitoring, capacity provisioning, and load balancing. As a result, a small business can then use its applications efficiently with minimal issues.

5: Flexible and Cost-Effective Data Storage

Even a small business produces a lot of data, and on-site management of storage can be both costly and complicated. With AWS storage, companies can have infinite and automatic scalability, only pay for what they use, and have no up-front costs for building a storage system.

6: Low-Cost Data/Infrastructure Migration

Migrating IT infrastructure like servers, as well as applications and data, can be complicated, but AWS provides all the tools for startups, as well as low-cost migration services for established businesses to make the process simple.

7: Robust Solutions for Mobility

With mobile-app versions of the AWS management console for iOS and Android devices, small businesses have anytime/anywhere access to their services. The addition of other mobile services gives SMBs the ability to design and create feature solutions that target mobile devices.

8: Pervasive and Baked-In security

In the past, small businesses have had reservations about moving to the cloud because of security, but AWS has a robust set of security capabilities that meet any and all security requirements. AWS has dozens of data centers worldwide that are continuously monitored and strictly maintained, which provides a strong backup capability for your data and infrastructure.

Ultimately, Amazon web services for small business provides the flexibility, agility, scalability, and security that every business owner needs at a cost that he or she can afford. These and a wealth of other services work together and communicate with business applications to seamlessly respond to your changing business needs.