Food Manufacturers

Rudolph’s Bakeries

Rudolph’s Bakeries transforms the infrastructure, increases overall performance and security, while aiming to increase preparedness for Disaster recovery and business continuity

Since 1951, Rudolph’s Bakeries continue to carry on their legacy, combining only the finest natural Canadian ingredients with artisanal baking traditions to bring you nothing but fresh, delicious breads. They have been serving their breads to lot of Canadians and fulfill distribution by all major food distribution network.


Rudolph’s Bakeries were using PSI Application and Database, Work Force Management and Sage Software, and other utility application on a relatively old infrastructure. Windows server active directory continued to face challenges and security was also vulnerable on many fronts and there was no offsite backup.

The major challenge was to improve overall performance and increase the overall security portfolio. Also, it was required to prepare and implement a disaster recover strategy.


In June 2021, Rudolph’s Bakeries tasked Pulse Tech. with a Proof of Concept (PoC) project to design an infrastructure transformation plan and upgrade PSI Server from window server 2008 R2 to 2019 with latest version of PSI Application and SQL, in preparation to decommission their obsolete, out of warranty hardware.

The project was also supposed to develop multi-site failover backup strategy and enhance preparedness for disaster recovery. The solution designed a network access storage for local server backup and ensured that user data is backed up on synchronization. The design also fixed the issue with the Active Directory and setup 2nd domain controller for backup. Design also upgraded network connectivity and capabilities and set up a terminal server for users as per their rights and permissions. All line of business applications were upgraded to latest versions and ensured that infrastructure performs optimally as per their standards.


  • Enhanced Backup and disaster recovery time

    We added Four backups for their new servers, Microsoft Windows Backup, Veeam Backup to NAS & Veeam backup to Cloud, specialized Backup which will cover onsite/Offsite and DR situations.

    With Network Access Storage and offsite back, multiple site backup improves disaster recovery and prepares the business for rapid recovery of server OS & data from local Backups.

  • Scalability

    Rudolph Bakeries can scale up or down their infrastructure based on the needs and cycles in their business and adjust server resources

  • Performance

    Workloads can be scaled up or down depending on performance requirements. The project improved availability and capacity.

  • Enhanced Security & Compliance

    Network security was improved by adding terminal server for users with proper rights and permission and patch automation was set up with Managed Services with Managed Anti-Virus & Managed Security Portfolio. We also implemented strong group policy and password protection.