What is Cloud Computing/Cloud Service?
In a cloud computing environment, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud provider’s servers.

In a cloud service environment, getting new IT resources are very simple, which means you can significantly reduce the time it takes to make those resources available to your users to just minutes. This results in an increase in agility for business since the cost and time it takes to implement is very less.

Why Cloud Computing/Cloud service?

Cloud service requires significantly low investment in depreciating hardware & software as compared to the traditional on-premise infrastructure set-up

Another big advantage is the mobile availability of all your critical business data whether you are working at a back-office or on a workcation in the Bahamas.

Here are some highlighted benefits of cloud computing or cloud service:
  1. Reduced IT costs
  2. Capital Costs free
  3. Scalability
  4. Business continuity
  5. Low maintenance

What do I need to move to the cloud service?

A robust internet at both the cloud provider and the subscribing company is a must for seamless computing.

Hardware Requirements:

Hardware at the user’s end can be a computer with basic minimum capacity enough for you to log on to the cloud server through the internet.

The software requirement at the user level is very minimal, however, all the business software’s should be available on the cloud server which will be shared organization-wide.

With the evolving flexible trends in IT, one can customize the move to cloud based on the requirement. Starting with shared drives on the cloud, Emails only on the cloud, exchange services on the cloud to the whole environment including the business specific software one has the flexibility to choose.

Before making the decision to move on the cloud, have an expert like Pulse Tech assess your environment and make recommendations.