Remote work is changing established boundaries. Employees may not be able to work at 2 p.m. but they log in at 10 p.m. to finish a project. This destruction of the rigid 9-5 continuum creates problems for managers. Leaders need to learn more about how employees are spending their time, when their teams are working, and how productive they are – all without turning into Big Brother.


Good news: Your employees are more productive at home


A Stanford study that took place over 9 months and followed 16,000 workers found that working from home increased productivity by 13%. Factors such as fewer breaks and longer hours led to this increase.

Bad news: You can’t easily spot disengaged or burnt-out employees




In the office, you could easily tell if an employee shirked responsibilities or worked incessantly. Now you have no insight into either. This might not have bothered you last year when you figured you’d quickly return to the office, but now remote work is here to stay. Considered these five themes The World Economic Forum highlighted when describing the future of the workplace:

  1. work from anywhere
  2. work for all
  3. work at will
  4. work smarter
  5. work for the planet


Because there is a global trend to embrace work from anywhere and work smarter, there is an ongoing need for better tools to monitor employee time usage. Pulse Tech provides those tools and offers superior customer service support especially IT Support Services In Surrey.

Old Tools Don’t Work in New Environments

Remote work is here to stay, and managers need a way to supervise and support. The problem is that supervisors don’t know how their employees are using their time because previous tools don’t work anymore. Current VPN tools don’t use bandwidth efficiently. Firewall proxies, cloud access security brokers, and other tools that operate on the idea that everyone is connecting from one point are no longer helpful.

Evolving IT Solutions

How can you consistently check on productivity when you can’t walk around and see what’s happening?There are new tools that offer better ways to supervise employee productivity. These tools allow managers to monitor at the device or workstation level.

With this type of monitoring, you can better manage:

  1. Data
  2. Security
  3. breach notifications
  4. individual employee productivity (if you choose to)

You will have choices when it comes to monitoring. While tech tools can give you that digital access, some managers might say, “I don’t want to know how my employees spend their time because I know I’ll become that monster who’s constantly keeping tabs on them.”

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