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Pulse Tech Delivers Successful Network Upgrade for A Major Toronto-based International Pharmaceutical Company
Pulse Tech Developed And Delivered A Comprehensive Network Upgrade Plan For Intellipharmaceutics International Inc. With Emphasis On Strengthening Security And Network Reliability

[Brampton, Ontario, March 21, 2018] Pulse Tech, a custom IT support and service provider in the Greater Toronto Area, today announced a successful network upgrade project completion for Intellipharmaceutics International Inc. (“Intellipharmaceutics”). With the completion of this project, Intellipharmaceutics is expected to significantly benefit with a strengthened IT network security, sustainability and reliability.

Intellipharmaceutics, a Toronto-based pharmaceutical company, in the process of fully integrating their manufacturing, research and supply chain to cater the international market expansion, identified a need to upgrade their IT Network. The scope of the project expanded to upgrading the Network Infrastructure and Operating System, upgrading Mail System, adding new hardware and strengthening the IT security measures. The project required collaboration with a reliable and experienced IT partner to overhaul the IT infrastructure. Dr. Isa Odidi, Chairman, CEO, CSO at Intellipharmaceutics said, “we needed to upgrade our IT Network and Infrastructure to increase productivity and data security”.

Pulse tech developed a comprehensive network upgrade plan that took all requirements of the upgrade process into account and delivered on them. Sunil Arora, President at Pulse tech said, “Security was at the forefront of every element in this project whether it be upgrade planning and implementation or IT architecture design and deployment. The deliverables included:

  1. New Hardware, Software And Operating Systems
  2. Robust Infrastructure Upgrade
  3. Multi layered availability of Emails and Data with load balancing mechanism in place.
  4. Fail Safe Architecture Planning and Implementation
  5. Robust 3 layer multi-location Backup Plan
  6. Future Proofing for Additional Network and Data Security

Upon the successful delivery of the upgrade project, Dr. Isa Odidi shared his satisfaction and said, “Pulse tech have done a tremendous job in delivering on-time and on-budget. The advice and consultant that we’ve received throughout the project is unparalleled. The deliverables went beyond the original scope of the project with extra installations, configuration and migration while staying within the agreed budget.”  Sunil Arora added, “There is nothing more satisfying than delivering on and beyond project requirement of this magnitude.”

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