Looking for an AWS consulting partner to help you in your cloud transformation journey? Here’re the points that you need to consider while choosing your AWS consulting partner.

Migration to the cloud infrastructure can help enterprises save a considerable amount of costs and transform business operations comprehensively. Among the many notable public cloud platforms, the importance of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is unquestionable. The wide range of services on AWS along with the availability of AWS consulting partners simplifies the migration process effortlessly.

However, any individual without in-depth knowledge and experience of the public cloud computing landscape could face considerable difficulties with migration. Without any knowledge about the ideal AWS services and their functionalities or any official certification, you are most likely to run frequently into obstacles that you cannot resolve.

Therefore, it is highly important to know the recommended best practices for choosing AWS consulting partner. An AWS consulting partner has the required expertise, understanding, certification, and knowledge of different services on AWS. As a result, you can depend on consulting partners for reliable support and guidance to ensure flexible migration to AWS.

The following discussion presents some critical factors that you should consider for choosing a competent AWS consulting firm. In addition, the discussion also sheds some light on the effectiveness of a reliable AWS consultant partner for ensuring a profitable move to the cloud.

What’s the Need for AWS Consulting Partner?


Prior to the ideal factors for choosing AWS consulting partner, it is highly essential to reflect on the necessity. Many readers might have the assumption that an AWS consulting partner is just an ideal choice for outsourcing their cloud migration and cloud computing tasks. However, it is essential to clarify that a reliable AWS consulting firm could prove highly helpful in many other ways. Moving to the AWS cloud is not everything that you have to do in cloud computing.

There are many other critical tasks that follow your first steps in the cloud computing landscape. AWS consulting partners can help you find timely solutions to your problems in the cloud. In addition, you have access to their unlimited expertise for various tasks related to AWS such as infrastructure management. In addition, you can get the following notable benefits by choosing the ideal AWS consulting partner.

You can extract the maximum potential of AWS only through comprehensive knowledge and specialization in AWS skills. When you work in collaboration with an AWS consulting partner, you don’t have to worry about capitalizing on all benefits of AWS.

The selection of an AWS consulting partner offers you the privilege of accessing all the required skills for managing AWS infrastructure. So, you can get all solutions to your AWS-related problems under one roof with the help of a consulting partner.

Rather than providing one time solutions, choosing AWS consulting partner enables you to optimize your solutions according to user requirements. Whether it is about the latest updates or security and compliance issues, consulting partners can take care of these aspects. Therefore, you can also have the assurance of efficient and updated solutions on AWS.

Points to Consider While Choosing AWS Consulting Partner


Now, all the above-mentioned factors clearly establish the necessity of selecting a trustworthy AWS consulting partner. However, you can find a wide range of alternatives in the market when it comes to the selection of reliable AWS consulting partners. Therefore, you should notice the critical factors that can help you make a sound decision regarding the selection of a trustworthy AWS consulting partner.

Focus on Your Requirements


One of the first points to consider while choosing an AWS consulting partner refers to your requirements. The initial set of requirements should align with your objectives for migrating to the AWS cloud. Ask important questions such as what you want to achieve with the consulting partner. Chart out an outline of your requirements such as your budget for the cloud migration.

In addition, you should also focus on the length of time for which you would need the assistance of AWS consulting partners. It is also highly crucial to identify the type of AWS consulting partners you want to go for. For example, you can opt for freelancers to address certain areas of cloud operations such as development, administration, or solution architecture.

On the other hand, you can also choose full-time AWS consulting firms with a comprehensive range of support and guidance. When you collate all these factors together, you can round up on the most favorable AWS consulting partner to reduce your AWS bills. How? These factors can help you choose an AWS consulting partner capable of addressing all your requirements, within your desired budget and according to the level of quality you want in your services.

The credibility of the Consulting Partner


The next important aspect to answer how to choose the best AWS consulting partner is credibility. You need to check the qualifications of the people on the team of the AWS consulting partner you consider. The consulting firm with AWS-certified professionals in its team can work wonders for your cloud-related ambitions. You should ask the consulting company for details on the qualifications of its team members. In addition, you should also verify the experience of different team members in the management of cloud-based tasks.

Go for the Amazon Partner Network!


One of the notable things that you can notice while choosing AWS consulting partner is the Amazon Partner Network (APN). APN is the best alternative for you to find out reliable consulting partners who comply with AWS guidelines. AWS imposes various strict policies and guidelines for offering validation to a registered APN partner. In order to become a registered APN partner, a firm has to comply with many concerns.

For example, the firm must be in the APN Advanced Tier or higher than that. In addition, the firm should also showcase the AWS certifications of its existing employees along with customer case studies and migrated workloads. The APN partner should also present trustworthy proof of dedicated migration practice. Furthermore, the consulting partner should also have a solution landing page that clearly highlights their partnership with AWS.

Fluency in Other Technologies


Check for the effectiveness of the consulting partner in a broad range of technologies. You should choose a consulting partner which has promising fluency in multiple technologies such as Angular, Docker, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Hadoop, and iOS. At some point or other, you are most likely to come across these technologies. Therefore, you should verify the capabilities in these areas while choosing an AWS consulting partner.

Experience of the Consulting Partner


Try to go for an experienced firm when choosing an AWS consulting partner for achieving the best results. Work experience is highly essential for ensuring that you achieve your desired objectives easily. Most important of all, you can get the assurance that the consulting partner has worked on similar projects earlier. You can try exploring the client portfolio on the website of the AWS consulting partner to find more details on their experience. As a result, you can achieve a trustworthy impression of the partner’s capability for addressing your requirements.

Flexibility of Pricing


Pricing is undoubtedly one of the critical points to consider when choosing an AWS consulting partner. The pricing of different consulting partners varies according to the services offered by them and the quality of the services. However, low-priced consulting partners don’t necessarily imply poor quality AWS consulting services.

Therefore, you need to compare the pricing of different AWS consulting partners with respect to the services they offer. Quotes from the consulting partner for their services could be the perfect instrument to compare pricing. While you are checking the price quotations of different AWS consulting partners, make sure that you have an eye for the quality and range of services.

The facility of Customer Support


The next crucial factor that you should take into account for choosing the AWS consulting partner is the facility of support. Consulting partners can help you migrate your legacy systems to the cloud and set up your cloud infrastructure. However, you can face technical issues with the AWS infrastructure at any time and proper guidance and expertise are inevitably required for dealing with such technical issues.

Therefore, it is important to verify that the consulting partner offers trustworthy technical support and after-sales services. Check the terms and conditions of the consulting partner thoroughly in addition to their after-sales policies. In addition, you should also check the website of the consulting partner for authentic contact information and the facility of customer support. Verify the different channels of customer support of the consulting partner before you make the decision.

Ability to Catering to Requirements of Different Industries


Organizations in different industries are gradually increasing the adoption of cloud computing in large numbers. So, it is essential that you choose an AWS consulting partner capable of addressing the requirements of multiple sectors. The consulting firm must have the required workforce and experience to deal with the varying cloud solution requirements in different industries.

Ready to Make the Right Choice?


On a concluding note, it is clearly evident that choosing an AWS consulting partner can be a difficult task. You have to put a lot of effort into understanding how the consulting partner can help you. In addition, you should also reflect on the important factors that can help you find out a reliable consulting partner. However, you should also consider many other factors before rounding up your final decision.

For example, find out the working approach of the partner towards the cloud transformation of your business. As a result, you can find out whether the consulting partner is a suitable fit for your cloud transformation objectives. Choosing an AWS consulting company is a very critical choice for any business. So, make the right choice and ensure your success right now!